Thomas Heinzen, PhD

Bio: Dr. Thomas Heinzen is a full professor in the Department of Psychology at William Paterson University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and the author of six books including a popular textbook in statistics. He is the director of the GBE Lab at William Paterson University.

Specialization: Social psychology of creativity, quantitative analysis, research methods

Qualifications: PhD in Social Psychology and Personality Psychology, BSGS in Psychology and Writing (Magna Cum Laude)

David Plested, MSc
Associate Director for Development, Industry Liaison

Bio: David Plested is an adjunct professor in the Department of Psychology at William Paterson University. He teaches statistics and research methods classes, and coordinates the psychology department's peer tutors. He is also a research methods consultant for the nursing department at William Paterson University. David is currently researching how game design can be used to solve the student retention crises via novel predictors and objective scales.

Specialization: Quantitative analysis, research methods, social identity theory, categorization theory

Qualifications: MSc (Merit) Psychological Research Methods, MA (Hons) English and Psychology

Yaroslava Goncharova, MA
Associate Director for Research

Bio: Yaroslava Goncharova is an adjunct professor at William Paterson University for the Psychology and Sociology Departments. She graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a BA in Forensic Psychology and an MA in Forensic Mental Health Counseling. Yaroslava is currently working on the service misalignment on campus in relation to student retention. 

Specialization: Interdisciplinary research methods, qualitative and quantitative research and statistics

Qualifications: MA Forensic Mental Health Counseling, BA Forensic Psychology

Matthew Cromley
Research and Statistics Consultant, Marketing Coordinator

Bio: Matthew Cromley is a William Paterson alumnus who studied psychology and concentrated in business administration. He has proven to be an excellent student and a dedicated worker. Matthew is knowledgeable in research methodology and is looking to apply his knowledge outside of the social sciences -- particularly in marketing and market research. He is currently coordinating research and developing research instruments for novel predictors of student retention. 

Specialization: Quantitative analysis, research methods, business and management

Qualifications: BA in Psychology, minor in Business Administration, Academic Tutor for Research Design and Statistics, Presenting Researcher at Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention


Brianna Kowalsky
Senior Research Analyst, Head of Research

Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Brianna and I'm a WPU Psych alum working in the Game-Based Experience Lab. I'm currently a Market Research Analyst at Symrise in Teterboro. All of the skills I've learned through research -- in the GBE lab and in the workplace -- led me to choose a career path in market research. My long-term goal is to become a Senior Market Research Analyst.

Specialization: Research conceptualization and statistical analysis/SPSS. I'm a bit of a data geek.

Qualifications: BA Psychology, 1 1/2+ years of research experience (and counting!), Qualtrics/Mechanical Turk/Implicit Attitudes Measures

Sarah Irvin
Research Analyst, Project Coordinator

Bio: Sarah Irvin is a senior at William Paterson University. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor's degree in digital filmmaking. She recently returned to school to study psychology with an emphasis on sexual orientation and gender research. 

Specialization: Research methods, marketing

Qualifications: BS in Digital Filmmaking, minor in Marketing

Stephanie Ivezaj
Research Analyst, International Liaison

Bio: Stephanie Ivezaj is a junior at William Paterson University who is pursuing a BA in psychology. Her primary research interests are the Dark Triad and other sub-clinical personality traits and their association with destructive interpersonal behavior. 

Specialization: Individual differences, Dark Triad

Qualifications: Working toward a BA in Psychology

Brianna Judd
Data Analyst, Project Coordinator

Bio: Brianna Judd is a third year at William Paterson University who is pursing a BA in psychology. Her primary research interests are individual differences and their association with deviant and destructive interpersonal behavior. She is currently working on research investigating the relationship between game preference and intro/extroversion. She is also a Marilyn Manson enthusiast.

Specialization: Marilyn Manson, sexual deviance, and individual differences

Qualifications: working towards a BA in Psychology with a minor in Asian Studies

Tyler Grady
Game Design Researcher, Entrepreneur

Bio: Tyler Grady is an alumnus from William Paterson University. He started his degree in the fall of 2009 and graduated in the spring of 2015 with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in business administration. During his undergrad, he was also part of William Paterson's varsity swim team. Tyler is currently designing a game that can help educate the college audience on what resources their college has to offer and where these resources are located. He is engaged in William Paterson's psychology department and is partaking their research around gamification.

Specialization: Game design

Qualifications: BA in Psychology, minor in Business Administration, certification in Game Level 2

Brandi Moore
Research Analyst, Project Coordinator




Nicholas Murray
Research Analyst

Bio: Nicholas Murray is a graduate of the Science Leadership Academy located in Philadelphia, PA. He is currently a junior at William Paterson University and is pursing degrees in English and psychology. Currently, he is researching how the introduction of a course affects students' motivation to attend classes. In the future, Nicholas plans to use his knowledge of psychology to write influential works of literature to educate and entertain readers. 

Specialization: Analytical writing, research methods, social psychology

Qualifications: Working towards a BA in English and Psychology

Erin Smith
Research Analyst

Bio: Erin V. Smith is a sophomore at William Paterson University. Erin heard about the GBE lab through a friend, and after just one meeting she became interested in game-design. She is particularly interested in how games affect the way individuals think and how games affect students' motivation to learn.

Specialization: Psychological analysis, artistic abilities

Qualifications: Working towards a BA in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art

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